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Methods and Tools

Managed Care Strategy

  • Creating key account profiles
  • Understanding managed care dynamics, formulary evolution, and regulatory influences affecting the brand
  • Assessing the influence of managed care on brand market share
  • Formulating pricing strategies to optimize reimbursement and maintain market leadership
  • Designing effective contracting strategies
Medication Adherence Programs
  • Understanding patient medication use and non-adherence behavior
  • Investigating drivers of non-adherence for the brand
  • Designing win-win programs that benefit the supplier, the provider, the distribution partners and ultimately the patient
  • Assessing program effectiveness in recapturing lost brand revenue due to non-adherence
  • Modeling Return-On-Investment to ensure efficient adherence program resource allocation
Product Positioning
  • Identifying critical product attributes to enable distinctive brand differentiation for key customer segments
  • Analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT Analysis) to determine optimal product positioning
  • Understanding unmet medical needs, provider/prescriber perceptions, and evolving treatment protocols
  • Designing co-marketing, counter detailing, and value-added programs for positioning strategy pull-through
  • Leveraging outcomes studies to formulate product differentiation strategies
Product Launch Strategy
  • Developing a set of viable strategic launch options with associated advantages and disadvantages
  • Designing activities and services to ensure targeted and successful product launches
  • Sizing the market, identifying key barriers to entry, effectively targeting physician and patient populations, and measuring launch success