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Methods and Tools

Geographic Market Profile and Analysis

  • Profiling the current market on the basis of geography, patient demographics, prescriber characteristics, care-setting, and distribution channels
  • Understanding key drivers of medication choice, influences on pharmaceutical utilization, and the impact of regulatory and healthcare system factors
  • Investigating current and future competitive threats, competitor strategy, and positioning
  • Evaluating unmet needs and opportunities
Market Growth Strategy
  • Understanding dimensions of market growth from a product/portfolio perspective
  • Developing market entry strategies for emerging growth areas
  • Capitalizing on opportunities created by innovative tools and technologies
  • Formulating strategies for market expansion and penetration
  • Exploring novel market partnerships
New Market Development
  • Defining new markets based on niche segments
  • Evaluating potential new markets created by patent expirations
  • Developing strategies to expand the diagnosed population
  • Evaluating market potential for future indications and dosage forms
  • Analyzing the impact of evolving care protocols on current/future markets
Alliances and Partnerships
  • Defining the client's vision and goals for collaboration
  • Assessing various options for partnerships and alliances
  • Understanding the critical factors for successful partnerships
  • Evaluating strategic alliances and partnerships to establish and strengthen market leadership