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Methods and Tools

New Product Planning

  • Providing an understanding of the emerging clinical and market needs around products in clinical development
  • Conducting in-depth analyses of targeted indications, relevant patient populations, and prescriber patterns
  • Devising indication strategies for early stage clinical compounds
  • Developing target product profiles required to compete within current and future standards of care
  • Determining optimal positioning and pricing strategies
  • Forecasting market potential under various market scenarios
R&D Portfolio Valuation
  • Conducting R&D portfolio assessments using scientific and business evaluations
  • Assessing critical licensing candidates
  • Profiling potential indications for pipeline compounds
  • Forecasting market potential for product portfolios
  • Facilitating senior management in "Go/No Go" decision-making
Business Opportunity Assessment
  • Developing futuristic and alternative healthcare and pharmaceutical scenarios as a framework for business planning
  • Identifying and evaluating potential business opportunities within key growth areas to maximize revenue and earnings
  • Evaluating potential partnerships along the business opportunity value chain
  • Creating business cases for executive management to facilitate resource allocation decisions
  • Streamlining the business assessment processes within an organization
Technology Assessment
  • Evaluating novel technologies and products
  • Determining market feasibility of innovative concepts and technologies
  • Performing financial valuations of new technology platforms \
  • Assessing the impact of new technologies on a firm's business
  • Incorporating new technologies to re-engineer R&D processes